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Our Hospital Management Consulting Services are “Standalone Healthcare Organization Specific Services” and focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities across all the Domain Specific Verticals of the Healthcare Organization. We bring excellent value to our clients and owners by providing synergistic services to meet the growing challenges of the healthcare industry. Our services are combined to help enable a 360° view of challenges faced by our clients, which helps in achieving sustainable efficiency improvement in operations.

Wide Range Of Services Offered

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Are you running your hospital on loss? Are you unable to understand what is wrong or steer it in the right way?  Are you in the plan of disposing your hospital due to loss? Are you struck with the same revenue, but increasing cost & competitions?

HOSCONS, with its expert team is known to heal sick hospitals and make it a profitable unit with its unique business strategies, process improvement and financial controls derived out of its 2 decade industry expertise


Are your finding it difficult to manage your practice as well as administration? Are you unable retain your patients inspite of your excellent results, but because of admin related issues? Are you unable to focus on business development activities at midst of your practice

HOSCONS will take over the burden of day today operations of your hospital and entire marketing activities to promote your business with its expert management team with committed targets and deadline.


Are you planning to construct a new hospital? Not sure where to start and how to proceed?

Hospitals have various departments & facilities which requires detailed drawings. Hence, we provide planning, designing & implementation of all services such as Structural, Civil, Electrical plan with general layouts of fixtures, telephone and electrical outlets, Reflected ceiling/electrical plan including lighting layouts, Plumbing, HVAC & EPABX Layouts, Door & window schedules, Fire fighting, Support services, Interior designing, Furniture layouts, CCTV layouts, Medical Gas pipeline layouts, Networking/IT- communication and other engineering systems.

We provide planning & designing services for:
> New project
> Renovations
> Extensions
> Rehabilitations
Our Consultants have the skill to envisage the total project in its final form, and to determine whether the design concept will meet the quality care needs of patients, and allow the hospital staff to deliver this care in a safe, efficient and timely manner. We also provide review of the existing plans prepared by local architects. Once our team has reviewed construction plans in the early stages, it is possible to improve the final layout significantly – often with an associated cost saving.

We offer specialized consulting in Healthcare infrastructure supporting a range of key aspects of hospital planning, with the core objective of delivering a fully equipped facility, within budget, which is ergonomically designed for all specialized medical activities.


Are you fire fighting daily on same issues? Are your work process full proof? Are you unable to expand due to lack of process?

HOSCONS with its expert team studies your business carefully and develops process tailor made to your organizations requirement. Unlike may consultants, it doesn’t stop with just paper works, but also effectively implements the process and creates periodical audit system for consistency.


Are you planning to start a hospital and not sure how to plan manpower? Are you not sure if your hospital is over staffed or under staffed? Are you unable to utilize available human resources?

HOSCONS HR services can help you plan your manpower requirement, source right candidate for right job, suggest improvements through its manpower audit.


In this market of generalized brand managers, hard to find a healthcare specialized team of experts who can strategize and develop a vibrant healthcare brand.

With over 100-man years of healthcare expertise, HOSCONS has the unique blend of team with tons of experience in developing the finest healthcare brands in Chennai. Successful brand stories of MIOT International, Global Health city amongst many others are the evidences of this team’s strength of successful development of powerful healthcare brands. We specialize in Turnkey projects, working on a new / existing healthcare institution. Starting from the refreshing brand experience, new brand identity, developing consistent brand communication platforms – Mass media, PR, Digital and Patient engagement. Depends on the size of the hospital, within 3-6 months’ time period, our brand spin doctors will create and develop a complete brand overhaul with high impact brand campaigns that results in wider brand visibility, improved brand image in the target market, tremendous increase in patients foot fall and enhanced brand experience


Are you planning to buy a practice or hospital? Are in verge of selling your practice or hospital? Are you looking for expert advice ??? HOSCONS vast network enables us to source relevant targets or buyers from across the India. We partner with clients to provide advice on a spectrum of transactions including mergers and acquisition sell-side and buy-side advisory. Our strong knowledge and expertise in Healthcare Industry enables us to provide superior advice to our clients. Buy Side Advisory We can assist our clients with their growth strategies by identifying and evaluating suitable acquisition targets, performing a thorough analysis of business and cultural synergies with the targets, creating valuation and structuring models for the short-listed targets, negotiating key commercial terms and non-commercial terms of the offer, coordinating the overall due diligence process, executing the final definitive agreements and assisting the publicity of the investment. Sell Side Advisory We can assist our clients in formulating growth strategy, identifying potential buyers based on sector expertise, positioning sale strategies, building quality collateral, meetings and site visits with the buyers, negotiating term sheets, evaluating and analysing fit of the bid for the client, finalizing on the apt buyer, arriving at right valuation and optimal structure, co-ordinating the overall due diligence process, executing the final agreements and positive publicity of the sale process


Are you in process of procuring equipments for your hospital? Are you unable to source the right equipment, right vendor and right pricing??

Based on the Projects requirements & client’s needs, our biomedical engineers, will prepare a detailed Equipment list department wise & Floor wise. This detailed Equipment list is prepared after Load calculation of every Equipment (Floor- wise/Department wise) which will then be used for Quote comparison from various Manufacturers & vendors. We differ from our competitors in having a good knowledge of the supplier market, a technical specification which meets the training requirements, but which is feasible, commercial acumen to ensure there are no “traps”

We help our clients in the following aspects of Biomedical Equipments:

-> Equipment planning department wise.
Equipment needs assessment study.
Equipment comparison based on more than 20 parameters.

->Equipment procurement(Sourced from different manufacturers & vendors).

->Equipment installation & commissioning support. 
Training of the users & Equipment maintenance such as AMC, CMC.


Hospitals wanting to introduce a program of Continuous Quality Improvement [CQI] usually need to employ expert specialist staff. However, appropriately trained and experienced personnel in this field are difficult to find and expensive to recruit. A cost-effective alternative is to out-source the hospital CQI program to consultants.

In this event, our small team of experts will assess the status of the hospital in relation to the quality of healthcare, and a written report will advise Management regarding an appropriate CQI program to move the hospital forward to a higher level. If this is accepted, our team will visit the hospital for training, at intervals to be agreed with Management. After thorough evaluation of the Hospital’s services in terms of quality, we assist our client’s in getting the certifications such as ISO, NABH, JCI accreditations etc.


Do you have huge outstanding payments to be recovered from corporates/insurance companies? Do you face rejections & disallowances frequently? Are you unable to submit the credit bills on time, as per the mou norms? Are you taking loans when companies owes you a lot of money?

HOSCONS can help you to manage your credit business effectively through the following services, if outsourced:

-> Outsourcing of 360° Credit Billing – from front desk till collections
-> Validation of Credit Documents (Approval letters, Pre-Auth, Required docs, etc)
-> Preparation of bills as per MOU with insurance companies/corporate.
-> Validation of Credit Bills.
-> Documentation to avoid/reduce disallowances.
-> Submission of bills well before deadline to ensure timely payment.
-> Follow up with Corporates/Insurance Companies for timely payments.
-> Redressal of queries raised by Corporate/Insurance.
-> Rate Negotiation Assistance with Corporates/Insurance.
-> Monthly MIS & Preparation of Outstanding Reports.
-> Reconciliation of Accounts.


Are you planning to start a hospital, but unaware of statutory licenses to be obtained? Are you unable to focus on statutory license renewals amidst of your business tensions?

HOSCONS through its expert team provides you 360o Solution to all your hospital statutory licensing issues at one stop as given below:-

1. Guidance on Statutory License Required.

2. Obtaining Fresh Licenses

3. Obtaining Renewals of Licenses on time to ensure uninterrupted services

4. Statutory License Management System – Reminder, Apply & Renew all licenses pertaining to your Hospital without any gap or penalty


Do you know you are approximately losing about 10% of your revenue in leakages/pilferages?  Are you aware that neglected leakages eat away your profit? Get your hospital a master health check up & identify the cancerous leakages if any.

HOSCONS through its expert team conducts a complete audit of about 20 departments to identify the revenue leakages or leak prone process and create a full proof system to arrest the revenue loss.  Unlike other consultants who just provide guidance, HOSCONS executes its recommendations for complete solutions.

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